Hier eine Auswahl der Fotos die ich so mache. Hier kommen immer mal wieder neue Bilder rein. Also ruhig ab und an mal reinschauen. 🙂


  • 11.12.10 Splitter + The Bordells

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  1. Gehöre zur Fangemeinde

  2. It’s amazing how deeply rooted our emotions are in our bodies, I know what you mean. In my ballet class sometimes, when I’m really *being present* for it, I nearly cry. I can’t even quite identify the feeling – it’s just this ovmlhwereing combination of relief and shame rising up from real, honest focus on my body. Which is only to say, you’re doing admirable work in those sessions, and I am suitably impressed. I look forward to seeing where you take it!

  3. That insthgi’s perfect for what I need. Thanks!

  4. I’ll try to put this to good use imteyiameld.

  5. I make pretty good mashed potatoes too, but I’m going to try whipping cream and sour cream too. Sounds good. Of course if you made roast beef gravy as good as mine yo;#&8217ud settle for mashed cardboard to get it.Trouble is, I can’t remember how to make it.

  6. Den boka fikk jeg i hvertfall lyst til å lese etter denne omtalen!! Takk for anbefaling.Og nå leser jeg Vidunderbarn, den er fin den, så langt i hvertfall:-)

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